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THRIVE Impact Summer School
Cohort 2:

August 30th - September 5th, 2024

application STARTED :

till 26.04.2024 (Early Bird - Discount), 

till 15.05.2024 (General Deadline)  


Topic 2024: Investing in Just Transitions



(ensure your Early Bird Discount)

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Listen to Science. Act to stabilize our planet. NOW.

About THRIVE Impact Summer School

THRIVE Impact empowers you with the mindset and tools to co-create a safe and just space for humanity within planetary boundaries.


We have overshot 6 of 9 planetary boundaries. We are not making significant progress towards scaling back our negative impact, yet business and management education have yet to comprehensively address this. Tomorrow's leaders need to be prepared for the adversity they will face in a changing world.


Developing and implementing transformative solutions will require new skills and ways of working, including collaboration across disciplines and sectors and deepened awareness of the complex challenges we face.


"We have less than 10 years

to transform

the future of humanity

- or destabilize the planet." 


An immersive one-week experience at one of the world´s top universities.

Creating an integrative academic, social and cultural experience.

Reasons to choose THRIVE Impact

HSG_Icon_Community_RGB_Gruen (2).png

Join an

international group of like-minded changemakers &

co-create to transform the future


Gain key knowledge,

grow your professional network and

find opportunities for future employment 


Qualify for the Global Leadership Challenge (cooperation between Oxford University and St.Gallen Symposium)


Receive a confirmation of participation as a

THRIVE Young Impact Leader

from the University of St.Gallen


Have an unforgettable and meaningful experience in the Swiss Alps and at the University of St.Gallen

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Be part of a network of
scientists, researchers & innovators.

Melissa, MSc

Environmental Engineering

(Participant Cohort 1)

“Unity and not division is key to a safe and just world."

Adrian, PhD

Computer Science

(Participant Cohort 1)

"Sustainability is a grand challenge that cannot be tackled by an individual itself."

Johanna, BSc

Global Studies

(Participant Cohort 1)

“We need bridge builders that unit the business sector, politics and activism to accelerate the fight for climate justice.”

Programme Overview: 
Topic: Investing in Just Transitions
30th August - 5th September 2024 

An inclusive Programme in English

Image by Daniel Karasiński

Transforming Mindsets (30th August - 1st September 2024)

Location: Offsite@Swiss Alp

THRIVE begins with a weekend excursion in nature, where from Friday to Sunday, against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, you will have the time and space to connect with others, with nature and with yourself. Through this experiential learning journey in the mountains, you will begin to define your own individual and collective agency to redefine success - from economic growth, to just transitions.

Navigating Just Transitions (2nd September 2024)

Location: SQUARE@HSG

On Monday, we engage with the framework of Doughnut Economics, and explore your definitions of investing in just transitions. We critically engage traditional economics, and the role existing structures play in just transitions. We begin to engage the concept of a regenerative economy and explore hurdles and opportunities in building a future within planetary boundaries. Reflecting the weekend spent in nature, we consider the role of self-leadership, well-being, and health in driving change. In the afternoon, we embark on the module Systems Leadership for Regenerative Futures.

HSG_Startwoche_2022_03 (1).jpg

Systems Leadership for Regenerative Futures (3rd September 2024)

Location: SQUARE@HSG

On Tuesday, as part of a transdisciplinary team using foresight thinking, you will start with your shared vision for investing in just transitions, and then define the strategic steps needed to get there. In planning for this scenario, you will critically engage questions of privilege, equity, power, and the potential unintended consequences of your actions. In the evening, join us in a conversation about how nature can help us rethink data and AI.

Accelerating Just Transitions (4th - 5th September 2024)

Location: SQUARE@HSG

On Wednesday, you engage with facilitators, experts, and your peers around the annual topic. You have the opportunity to select one of three possible streams in social innovation, namely (social) entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and extrapreneurship. Within your stream, you work in teams on real-world cases for two days, bringing to these a specific perspective. Wednesday includes keynotes on the intersection between technology and social innovation on the journey towards a regenerative economy.

On Thursday, you continue work within your stream. In input sessions and exchanges with experts we explore the topic of impact measurement, including Science-Based Targets (SBTi), and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The Summer School comes to an end with each group presenting to their peers, and collaborative reflections. We launch the Changemaker Community, Cohort 2 to support your momentum into the future. 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Collaborating towards a safe & just space
for humanity within planetary boundaries.

Application and Selection Process


The application process for 2024 has started! :) If you are interested in participating @THRIVE Impact Summer School in 2024, please fill out the application form till 15.05.2024 (Early Bird Application till 26.04.2024, includes reduced participation fee) and send it to

Till the end of May you will receive a feedback from us. 

Selection Process:

THRIVE is for currently enrolled bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students from across disciplines, universities and nationalities. Successful applicants have a strong commitment to personal growth, collaboration, and are driven by impact.

Selection is based on group composition; THRIVE is committed to a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, gender / gender identifications and disciplines of study.

Programme Costs:

We charge a registration fee of CHF 200 (Early Bird: CHF 150, application till 26.04.2024) that needs to be paid within a week after the approval. This amount includes the overall programme fee, 2 overnight costs (friday-sunday) in the Swiss Alps, including a food package for the weekend

Limited financing is available for income-restricted applicants (please reach out to for further information). 

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs for the week (sunday-thursday) in St. Gallen are not included.

Due to dates during the vacations and summer period, student collocations are largely available. Additionally, all St. Gallen-based students are invited to participate in hosting students from outside St. Gallen. 

Limited financing is available for income-restricted applicants (please reach out to for further information). 

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Who is THRIVE Impact Summer School for?

THRIVE is for students (Bachelor, Master, PhD) of any discipline who ...

  • ... are impact-driven, collaborative, open-minded and committed to personal growth

  • ... are seeking to meet like-minded people from diverse backgrounds

  • ... want to contribute to building a safe and just space for humanity 

  • ... want to engage in unforgettable social and cultural activities, such as a nature immersion in the Swiss Alps

Team_262892883ef77f6dc0b38a1a200cdc4e14b6a109e843619ff941320b316a46436 3_edited.jpg

THRIVE Impact Summer School

We can't wait to welcome you to our programme at the University of St.Gallen.

 Dr. Rachel Brooks, Julia Bahlmann & Dr. Justus von Grone

Dino Darmonski


Former & General Partners

Q & A.

Click here for more Information on: Application, Language, Programme and Fees Application •I am a student, but not currently enrolled at university, can I still participate in the Summer School? Yes, you can. Just make a note on your application in terms you are not currently enrolled and shortly explain your situation. We do not have any age restrictions. •I am a young professional, but interested in participating, am I able to apply? If you have less than 2 years experience, you are still able to apply. However, students will have an advantage in getting a spot for the THRIVE Impact Summer School. Language •Which level in English is required? As the programme language is English, you should have a minimum level of B2. Programme •How much time do I need to invest in the programme? The programme is a one-week full-time programme. •When does the programme actually kick-off? The programme will start on Friday, 30th August in the Swiss Alps around 3pm, with a journey of about 2 hours from St. Gallen. Further details are following. •When is the programme finished? The closing ceremony will be finished on Thursday, 5th of September around 4pm. •Which "degree" do participants get? After a successful participation you will get a confirmation of participation. Therefore you need to attend the whole week, till the last day. ECTS-Credits are not provided. Fees •Is the programme free of charge? No. We charge a registration fee of 200 CHF (150 CHF Early Bird Price). No further costs for the programme particpation or the weekend trip in the Alps is required. However, Accomodation in St.Gallen (Sunday-Thursday) needs to be organized and paid by the students, we offer a buddy-hosting programme and provide additional limited financing for income-restricted applicants.

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